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Date Posted:08/19/2018 10:55 PMCopy HTML

This is scary.  The video was taken about 20 miles from us in the mountains.  Mountain Lions prefer the higher elevation

we are at.  You can bet the lights will be on for Zuni's last potty stop before bed and she'll be on a leash.  Poor Frank and Pat

were subject to me following them out for potty stops for their Danes here in the wilderness but bears are easier to spot.

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Re:This is scary!

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Stay safe, Jeri, Nat, and Zuni! Marty (and Angel Genny and Mosette and Si Si)
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Re:This is scary!

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The video say link no longer there. Reminds me of the bear threat and you with the pots and bans banking to protect Mr, Whatson and me at the cabin.

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Re:This is scary!

Date Posted:08/22/2018 4:28 PMCopy HTML

I couldn't watch as the link expired but wow.... that is scary. I often check my yard for alligators and coyotes but somehow it's not as scary...
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