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Date Posted:06/05/2012 5:43 PMCopy HTML

Hi, my name is Jihad and I am 'mom' to 5 GD's as well as 4 others of various breeds.
We live on a rescue ranch so besides my own there are 70-80+ other dogs, half a dozen horses, a few dozen goats, a turtle and some chickens. All are rescues, including mine.

My own are listed as follows:

Uther, fawn male GD, nearly 7yrs.
Merlin, black male GD, 4yrs.
Guinevere, harlequin female GD, 4-6yrs.
Gwendolyn, merle female GD, 2yrs.
Ambrosius, merle male GD, 4mos.
Yansa, male GSD, 8-9yrs.
Helios, male Golden Retriever/Border Collie, 5yrs.
Bohrah, female ACD/Catahoula, 5-7yrs.
Fantasia, female wolfdog, 2yrs.

I also have to mention Yeti, a fawn GD who was my heart dog. He was taken by cancer November 7th 2011, a week after his 3rd b-day.

I'm very glad to have joined a forum where others, such as myself, love dogs.
In our home dog hair is considered a condiment as well as a fashion accessory.
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Re:Introducing The Wild Bunch

Date Posted:04/16/2017 6:52 PMCopy HTML

 Hi Jihad and Welcome!!!!!
What state are you in ? How awesome to have so many animals!!!!!
Where there's a will;there's a way! Rhonda, Buddy, Faye and Louie
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