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Hi. Some of you might know me already.  I was a regular (semi-regular) contributor on the MSN Great Dane Room but unfortunately it closed for reasons known only to MSN.  I don't really think it was a bad thing as searching for a new home helped my computer skills a bit but I think people fragmented so I don't get a chance to see all my friends in all one place.  I hope to visit several rooms and see all my cyber-friends.

Anywho-  enough prologue...

I am Roz and use the name Greatdanishes or in some areas Greatdanish but it's all still me.

I am owned by 14 year old Ziti who is a pit bull mix and as sweet as summer cantaloupe and somewhat the same shape.

I also have handsome harlequin Hoagie who turned 8 on Christmas Day and last but certainly not least...
my little 1 year old Harlequin Great Dane rescue, Ida.

I may not post often as I like but I will visit as often as possible.  Hello to old friends and new.  I look forward to lots of great posts.
Hugs and Slobbers from Roz and Ida Marie and Bean. You can decide who doles out which. "If you want the best seat in the house, you'll have to move THE DOG."
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