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Great Dane Fun
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Date Posted:09/01/2018 11:45 PMCopy HTML

HELLO.  Yes we are moving to facebook.  The room is Great Dane Fun.  We are working on the library now

so if you go there before sept. 5th, 2018 it is not open to the public yet.  I have it listed as a "Secret Room"

so we can prepare it to open.  The great Dane Fun managers are there working on it now.  That includes Frank, Dale, Rick,

Rhonda, Roz and myself.  It will be listed as a "Closed" room so you will have to join and be approved.  We will all be watching for you so any other managers will see you and approve you.  This is a one time thing.

We are keeping our aimoo room open but after a week I will take away posting in this room but leave open the availability

for anyone to read our direction to the new room.  We look forward to seeing you all.  We will stick to the quality of

what this room is.  We want to know the people as well as their Danes.  It will remain a community of friends.

Great Dane Fun (Sept. 5th, 2018

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Re:Great Dane Fun Is Moving

Date Posted:09/02/2018 12:31 PMCopy HTML

I will be there! Who knows? I might even find that I like FACEBOOK!! Marty (and Angel Genny and Mosette and Si Si)
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Re:Great Dane Fun Is Moving

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I'm excited! I sure hope our members will make the move and we can stay together. This is a wonderful group that's gotten me through some very tough times and I've been able to share only what dane owners would understand. LET'S SEE EVERYONE IN OUR NEW HOME!!!!!!!
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Re:Great Dane Fun Is Moving

Date Posted:09/04/2018 4:47 AMCopy HTML

I’m looking forward to never having to say the words “Aimoo doesn’t like me!!” Lol. I think we are going to like the ease of it all and as long as we are diligent, we can control the trolls and ogres and such. Ha. Actually, in my limited experience with FB, I’ve not had much doings with that sort of thing but I primarily post dog stuff anyway. Looking forward to seeing all our old friends there and making new ones. XO
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