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(Date Posted:01/01/2010 19:30 PM)

Here you go:  I make my doggie stew in a big soup pot.  I take 5 or 6 pounds of ground beef, cover it in water, I usually add aprox. a tsp of crushed garlic to add flavor.  I stir constantly while it's cooking or the beef will clump up, which won't work well.  This wasy the little bits of beef will be very fine and mix evenly throught the whole thing.  I also frequently will grind up a pound of carrots and put it in at the beginning to cook with it.  I'll take a dozen eggs and beat them up  like I'm making scrambled eggs, and after the beef/veggies have boiled for a couple minutes, then I'll stir the eggs into the whole mix....sort of like egg drop soup.  Let that come back to a boil, then I start adding quick oats (You can use old fashioned oats if you'd prefer.....just have to stir a few minutes longer.  I add enough oatmeal (I just get the cheap Aldi great) to make it into the texture of a very soft (maybe slightly runny) oatmeal, because it'll keep on thickening up a bit after you turn the heat off.  I'll keep enough out to use for a couple days, but I'll freeze the rest.  I like to put it in 3 cup freezer containers.  They freeze pretty quickly that way, and I pull one out about 2 days before I need it (if I can plan ahead) and let it thaw in the fridge.  I usually pull probably a cup of that out and add a little water to it and nuke it for a minute to bring it back to a "gruel" consistency, and mix it with the food.  If I'm at a motel where I don't have access to a microwave, I'll use the hottest water I can to mix it.  Doesn't take a lot of water, but heating it does make it easier to mix. 

Note:  My preference is 20% fat ground beef.  10% IMO is too lean once you add the other ingredients.  Some people use the 27% fat, and it's good, but it's a little greasier than I like it. 

Hope that helps.  I've gotten dogs to eat with the doggie stew recipe when nothing else seemed to work. 
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