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Great Dane Fun
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Dane Growth Chart

This growth chart is based on average rate of growth for a Great Dane. Every dog is different and develops at his or her own rate.

Great Danes grow very quickly especially the first year, you will be amazed as they put on weight and shoot up like a tree:) Proper nutrition is very important to maintain the desired steady growth that leads to a healthy adult Dane.

This growth chart is typical for most Dane dogs. Remember, your puppy will continue to mature until age 2 to 3.

Some Danes will grow slightly taller over the second and third year and most will fill-out, adding additional body weight.

Tip: Height is measured at the withers, the highest part of the back between the shoulder blades.




Birth weight

1-2 lbs


1 Week

2-3 lbs


2 Weeks

3-5 lbs


3 Weeks

4-7 lbs


1 Month

5-8 lbs


6 Weeks

10-20 lbs


2 Months

15-30 lbs

13-18 inches

3 Months

25-45 lbs

17-23 inches

4 Months

45-65 lbs

20-25 inches

5 Months

60-85 lbs

24-30 inches

6 Months

65-100 lbs

26-33 inches

7 Months

70-110 lbs

27-34 inches

8 Months

80-120 lbs

28-34 inches

9 Months

85-125 lbs

28-35 inches

1 Year

95-140 lbs

29-36 inches




135-170 lbs

33-36 inches


110-145 lbs

30-34 inches

This growth chart is based on averages, many of you may have a dog that is heavier, smaller, taller, or shorter. Final size is never a sure thing, the Guiness record Dane is 42-inches at the withers, this is a perfect example.

This chart has recently been updated as a result of the many Dane size and weight measurements received over the past year with apparel orders :)

How does your Dane's size compare to the chart? If it is a little off in either direction don't worry. We know a few male 2-year-old Danes that are less than 33-inches and under 120-pounds. As well as a particular female freind that is 35-inches and 146-pounds.

Keep your Dane lean, properly nourished and cared for. Don't worry how big or small, at what age, let them reach their full grown size naturally. Remember, every Great Dane is different and the final size and weight of a full grown adult is based on its litter's lineage.

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